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>> i realllike the back, too. can we do that again? >> yes. >> wow. >> thank you. >> that is something even tommy lee jones can't give me. that is fabulous. lovely to see you. we've got to go apparently. >> sorry that my brain didn't work. >> tommy, give me a smile. give me a smile. just smile at the camera. i've been telling them you're happier then they say. that's it. join me tonight following the oscar. we'll look at the big winners and the best surprises of the night.
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the standoff has been going on about 45 minutes now. the alcohol and tobacco people apparently have telephone contact with somebody in the compound. >> my name is dave koresh. >> david koresh. >> my name is david koresh. >> to his followers, david koresh was a messiah. >> god speaks to me. >> manifestation of god in the flesh. >> we believed this man had the truth. >> but to the u.s. government david koresh was a threat. >> machine guns and explosive devices. >> in 1993 they went to war in
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waco. >> this isn't america anymore when the atf has that kind of power. >> it ended in catastrophe. 86 people dead, including at least 24 children. >> there had been nothing like this before. the siege was new and unique in american law enforcement history. >> if you distrust the government, waco is going to be symbolic to a lot of people of what they really fear. >> i'm talking to you, somebody is going to get hurt. >> if he asked god for some kind of sign and god gives it, what does that mean? >> every saturday morning clive doyle and sheila martin study the bible. >> behold the lord god will come with a strong hand, his arm shall rule. >> they are about all that's left in waco of the branch
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davidians. an offshoot of the seventh-day adventist church. the religious community went back generations. it even issued its own currency during the great depression. david koresh came to the faith and its texas commune in 1981. who was he back then to you? >> just a bum. >> former branch davidian kathy jones and her husband david had seen religious visionaries come and go. >> god speaks to me. >> this time was different. koresh would preach his way to power. >> i remember in the beginning everybody was like, oh, he's crazy, you know, he's this and that. that's all i heard, and all of a sud be people were like, well, we're listening to him. he has a message. >> one two three four. >> the message was a
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spellbinding account of revelation, the new testament's final book. ♪ >> koresh claimed that he alone could explain the book's mysterious verses about a final battle between the armies of god almighty and satan. >> there's some things that god has concealed in his written word that are to be brought to do right before the end of time. >> i confronted him, yes. >> branch davidian charles pace said he warned church elders in 1984 that koresh was a disaster waiting to happen. >> are they going to follow god or are they going to follow a man? >> the elders chose koresh. >> god is the rock. >> the scripture just flowed out of his mouth. >> peter says for those who believe not the word. >> he seemed to know so many things and knew how to explain them. >> take it isaiah referring to messiah. >> my children learned how to
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swim in this pool. >> sheila martin came to the compound in 1985. her husband, wayne, was a harvard law graduate. they brought their six children. >> i thought at first it's just going to be a sunny day. just walk into the kingdom one day and bring my family and we'll live forever through eternity believing in the scriptures and doing the things that god wanted. >> when it comes to religious matters, you're always learning. >> clive doyle came to waco on his way to australia to israel. he ultimately stayed to study scripture with david koresh. >> as his message developed, we came to see him as more than just a prophet. >> a messiah. >> right. manifestation of god in the flesh. >> koresh added a twist to his message in 1989 declaring only he could have sex. all the other branch davidian
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men would be celibate, even married men. koresh, however, could have mull. wives. in this home video that he would later send to federal agents during the siege -- >> am i the only person? >> no, no. >> koresh linked his blend of spirituality and sex. >> the rumor is true. >> with the purity of the garden of eden. >> he was showing it in the bible this passage would say we were just loaned to each other. >> beautiful custom work. >> koresh had sex with underage girls, and with his various wives he fathered at least 13 children. >> another one in about a month. >> it wasn't so much this is a man who is doing something that we don't approve of. >> this is my little one, holly. >> as much as he was teaching us greater things. >> my love baby, right?
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it's my great, wonderful looks something that just women can't resist. >> you know, i saw a lot of people around me having babies, and, i mean, i knew that that meant my time was coming. >> kathy jones' husband, david, was okay with it. kathy was not. and she left. >> if i had stayed there, i would have had children by david koresh. that's when i really, really got scared. >> god is in control. >> over time koresh attracted a diverse group from as far away as australia, england, jamaica, the philippines. about 130 in all. >> trust god, read your bible, know what you're talking about. what are you doing with your life? what do you do every day with your life? is it something god approves of? >> the branch davidians supported themselves in part by buying guns to resell at gun shows. >> it's not against the law to
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buy a firearm. it's not against the law to buy anything that they sell at a gun show. >> but by 1993 the federal government believed koresh was illegally converting rifles into machine guns. armed with arrest and search warrants, 76 agents piled into two cattle trailers for a surprise raid. it would be the largest armed assault in the history of american law enforcement. [ female announcer ] what if the next big thing, isn't a thing at all? it's lots of things. all waking up. connecting to the global phenomenon we call the internet of everything. ♪ it's going to be amazing. and exciting. and maybe, most remarkably, not that far away. we're going to wake the world up. and watch, with eyes wide, as it gets to work. cisco.
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tomorrow starts here.
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[ male announcer ] make your escape... twice as rewarding. earn double points or double miles on all your hotel stays through march thirty first. sign up now at 911. what's your emergency? >> reporter: february 28, 1993. >> hello? >> this is how the war in waco began. >> this is lieutenant lynch. may i help you? >> yeah, 75 men are around our building, and they're shooting at us. >> the caller was wayne martin,
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sheila martin's husband. >> our children were down on the floor. if we would have been standing up, we would have been hit. >> tell them there are children and women in here and to call it off. >> all right, all right. hello? i hear gunfire. oh, shit. >> it was a raid by the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms. >> hello. >> call it off! >> who is this? >> atf agents trying to arrest david koresh and search the branch davidian compound. the operation that winter morning was the culmination of an eight-month investigation. the feds believed koresh was illegally converting semiautomatica r-15s like this one into the fully automatic machine guns soldiers use.
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the federal agents had rented a house across the street posing as college students trying to buddy up to koresh. but he never bought the act. >> we knew we were being watched from across the road. we knew there was some kind of government agency -- agents over there. >> atf planned a military-style raid, what they call dynamic entry. it hinged on the element of surprise. hide 76 agents in innocuous looking cattle trailers and strike while the davidian men were outside, away from their guns. >> we practiced for it. they drilled over and over again. >> the pressure for federal agents to act rose when the local newspaper published an expose about koresh's multiple wives and sex with underage girls. with this side bar, the law watches but has done little. >> and so as atf is preparing,
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the media is finding out and trying to make its own preparations in order to cover the raid. >> on that sunday morning, a local tv station sends a photographer out to the branch davidian compound to stake it out. he gets to this road, about a mile away, and realizes he's lost. the cameraman sees a mail carrier, explains who, he is and asks directions. >> the mailman, very friendly, told the guy how he could find the property and then turned around and went to go ask to talk to david koresh. >> reporter: the mailman is branch davidian david jones. and when jones speaks to david koresh, one of the atf college students is right there. >> david and them told him, we know who you are and what's fixing to happen. may god bless you, in effect.
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>> the atf agent races to the undercover house across the street warns commanders the element of surprise was lost. >> he told them, please don't do this. he told them, they know we're coming. call it off. begged them to call it off. >> but instead of calling it off, the atf commanders load up and rush in. >> you come point guns in the direction of my wives and my kids, damn it, i'll meet you at the door any time. >>. >> each side blames the other for firing first. >> i hear the shots. i thought, oh, my god, there's going to be a blood bath. >> top federal officials would later call the decision tragically wrong. >> let's settle this now before anybody gets hurt. is anybody hurt in there, wayne? >> i don't know. a man's screaming! >> what? >> a man is screaming!
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>> wayne? >> i'm under fire! >> in the middle of the gun battle, david koresh also calls 911. >> yeah, this is lynch. >> hey, lynch? >> yeah. >> that's kind of a funny name there. listen -- >> now, who am i speaking with? >> this is david koresh. >> okay, david. >> the notorious. >> koresh, calm, wants to talk scripture. >> now there's some things in that bible that have been held as mysteries. >> yes, sir. >> about christ. >> yes, sir. >> now, when it says in revelation 22, behold i come quickly, my reward is with me. the statement is, what reward did christ receive in heaven from his father? he received a book with seven seals. >> can i interrupt you for a minute? >> sure. >> we can talk theology, but not now. >> this is life. this is life and death. the theology we go with is life
7:47 pm
and death. >> yes, sir. >> finally, after 90 minutes, a cease-fire. >> i kept hearing that and kept saying, oh, good, this is over, it's over. >> inside koresh and others have been wounded. >> you want to see one of the holes here? here's one of them. >> six branch davidians are dead. outside atf looks like an army in retreat. more than 20 agents wounded, 4 agents are dead. when you realized that not only were they shooting at you, but now you had dead federal law enforcement officers outside. >> it was a whole different ball game from that point on. we're looking to god to indicate how we play this. >> the war in waco has just begun. [ anouncer ] ihop is in time square to compare
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when atf agents raided the branch compound in february 1983, everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. >> law enforcement it never dealt with anything like this before. as many bad guys as they take down, they've never been faced with this kind of firepower and people willing to use this kind of firepower. >> reporter: with four federal
7:51 pm
agents dead, emotions are running high. >> many of the agents are wounded want to go back in there and say, let's do it, you know. let's get this thing over with. >> reporter: cooler heads prevail. authorities seal off the area. and atf begins negotiating with koresh. the overriding concern, to get the children out of the compound. >> everything's okay. just you and me are talking. and that's the main thing because you care for people and you're sincere and honest. >> i care about my father. >> that's right. >> the feds are worried about another jonestown, where 900 members of a religious cult died in a suicide pact in 1978 with cyanide-laced kool-aid. a serious concern when koresh quotes the book of revelations with its prophecy of violence in the final days.
7:52 pm
>> so here we are in the day of the lord. all the prophets talk about the great and dreadful day of the lord. when god will make inquisition for blood. >> that's not today, david. >> oh, it is. >> trying to find common ground, the agent talks about huge stockpiles of meals ready to eat, mres. >> what's your favorite one? i ate one of those yesterday. >> beef stew. >> beef stew? >> that's the only good one there. >> i like the apple sauce they have. >> oh, yeah, that's good. >> reporter: surreal considering the bloodshed. but some children are being sent out, including sheila martin's three youngest. >> i said, life is never going to be the same. we are -- this whole situation had changed our whole life. >> reporter: meanwhile in the wake of the atf debacle, the u.s. justice department sends in the fbi. there are two teams. a heavily armed tactical unit
7:53 pm
with armored personnel carriers and negotiators, armed with a phone and their wits. >> i teach negotiators that the very first thing have you to have is self-control. >> reporter: gary is the bureau's chief negotiator. when you got there, when you were briefed, what were you dealing with? >> i think in the context of the atf where there clearly was anger, the predominant emotion i was seeing or behavior was devastation, almost like walking zombies. >> nessner's team wants to understand koresh's personality. >> and this is something this whole nation's going to have to learn. they can learn by listening or they're going to learn the hard way. >> i believe everything he did, almost throughout the entirety of the ordeal, was ambivalence, was part of me wants to live,
7:54 pm
part of me wants to die. >> reporter: they looked for clues in this tv news report about koresh and branch davidians from australia. >> his tongue is the pinaba so how will god talk to me? who's going to bring that book? so, there will be no excuses! >> they were sending agents literally all over the world, trying to scramble and find out anything they could, any former davidian, anything who knew anything about these people. >> reporter: within days, fbi profilers will send this report up the chain of command. koresh has characteristics associated with psychopaths. his followers have low self-esteem, unable to act or think for themselves and are easily manipulated. what does that tell you about the fbi? >> they have a low estimation of us. >> reporter: sincere in their beliefs, the davidians are looking to god for guidance. tell me, how is god telling you what to do? god says, pack a lunch -- >> we look today for god to tell
7:55 pm
us. david was the median through which god spoke to us. >> reporter: so you listened to david believing david was receiving his messages from god. >> correct. >> and david was initially telling you -- >> if you didn't think god was talking to him, you wouldn't have been there. >> reporter: by the end of day two, negotiators have a breakthrough. koresh promises to lead his disciples out, if the feds put his bible lecture on the radio. nationwide. >> i david koresh agree upon the broadcasting of this tape to come out peacefully with all the people. >> reporter: clive doyle thinks life for him and his 18-year-old daughter shari will soon return to normal. >> when they're talking about us coming out, i go pack a lunch. tell my daughter, we're going to go out and sit on the grass while they search. i'm still thinking a search
7:56 pm
warrant. i don't know how long it will take. we might get hungry. we'll sit out there. when it's through, we'll come back home. >> what we're trying to present today -- >> reporter: at 1:30 p.m., the sermon airs. >> we see that god has a book. >> reporter: one hour on the christian broadcasting network. >> and remember, the most fearful warning ever given to man in scripture is the warning found in revelation 22. >> reporter: but after the broadcast, the surrender plan changes. koresh says he's gotten a message. >> you know, when you confer with god, you can't turn away from him. >> reporter: god says to wait. we're in san francisco. google's backyard for the bing it on challenge. [fight bell: ding, ding] what's your preferred search engine? search engine, uhh, probably google. if we do a side by side blind test comparison, and you end up choosing google, you get an xbox. i'll bet you the xbox, you bet me your son. well let's look up what you need. okay, i would do the left. yeah? what?! i am a daddy! bing wins it! bing won. bing did win.
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--ccaptions by vitacw-- for a f ewww.vitac.comead you want to resolve this as much or more so than you do. >> reporter: after promising federal negotiators that he would lead his followers out, david koresh says god told him not to.

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